Colin Cowherd names the top coaching jobs in college football The Herd with Colin Cowherd/YouTube
The Herd with Colin Cowherd/YouTube

Not all coaching jobs are made equally in the world of college football, even among similar conferences.

For instance, Alabama is a far superior job to Kentucky or Missouri, this despite the fact that they’re all SEC schools. The same can be said of the Michigan coaching gig compared to Marlyand and let’s say, Rutgers.

For FS1 talking head, Colin Cowherd, Alabama is by far and away the top coaching gig in college football, and Nick Saban would probably agree with that. He, of course, has played a huge role in making Alabama what it is, but without a doubt all of the intangible factors down in Tuscaloosa have come together to create something great.

What are the other top gigs in college football? Here’s Cowherd’s list:

Notably, only one Big Ten school, Ohio State, was found on Cowherd’s list. Meanwhile, the SEC has three representatives in Alabama, LSU, and Florida.

Cowherd provided more context to his thoughts on his show:

“Here are the three things that win in college football. Do you have at your university a proximity to great high school talent? Do you have flexible academic standards and do you have a total commitment from the University?”

Cowherd did say that his list was in no order, but pretty close to what the order should be. Notably, he was talking about this topic in regards to Jon Gruden and his potential landing spot as a college head coach — perhaps at Tennessee.

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