Missouri has not been one of the better or even mediocre teams in the SEC the last couple of years. It has led to coach Kim Anderson resigning after this season finishes. And by all means, it should have ended Wednesday night in the SEC Tournament when the Tigers played Auburn, but the game went to overtime and we ended up with this game-winning shot from Missouri:

That led to a pretty amped and fired up coach Anderson letting a fan have it after the game on his way through the tunnel. And it wasn’t just him yelling at a fan, but he dropped the F-bomb too!

He later apologized in his press conference and said he got carried away in the moment and also threw out a classic one-liner.

“We didn’t win enough games for me to keep my job, but they never — they were great. And so, you know, I think sometimes I get — I’m a pretty competitive guy, and sometimes you get caught up in it. I got a little caught up in it at the end. I probably had some words I probably shouldn’t have, but what are they going to do to me?“

He does make a pretty good point. He’s already resigning after the season so what can they do? Fire him a game early? That’s not worth anyone’s time.

[h/t Kentucky Sports Radio]

Hot mic catches basketball coach dropping F-bomb on a fan after improbable win Twitter/@ByCasagrande
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