Iowa cheerleader loses pants.
Screenshot from Twitter

Iowa Cheerleader Loses Pants On Stunt Gone Horribly Wrong

The Iowa Hawkeyes enjoyed a dominant win on Saturday night over Western Michigan, but this cheerleader was humiliated.

Even thought the Iowa Hawkeyes dominated Western Michigan on Saturday, one Hawkeyes cheerleader's day did not go as great.

During the game at Kinnick Stadium, a male cheerleader for Iowa attempted to do a double flip. While the flip itself was an incredible act of athleticism, the cheerleader was sabotaged by his own pants.


At least he recovered smoothly and quickly pulled his pants back up! It could've been worse too. This could've happened in front of 80,000 people and not the small amount of just 69,250 that Kinnick seats!

Safe to say he'll be triple-checking his pants the next time he performs this stunt.

As for the game, the Hawkeyes took care of business in the victory. Iowa is now 3-0 and was ranked in the AP Top 25 heading into Week 3. The No. 25 Hawkeyes will almost certainly climb up this week's polls thanks to a strong offensive performance and some letdown games from other teams across college football.

The offense in particular stood out on Saturday, with Iowa's rushing attack going for over 250 yards and two touchdowns while averaging over six yards per carry. That kind of efficiency is hard to come by, especially for a program notorious for struggling to move the ball. Things could be changing in Iowa, with the Hawkeyes scoring at least 20 points in each of their three wins to start the season.

Things are looking up at Iowa for Kirk Ferentz and his coaching staff. We just wish we could say the same for this poor cheerleader who got embarrassed in front of an entire stadium.

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