Jim Harbaugh, predictably, raved about Ohio State during his Monday press conference

Jim Harbaugh is a head coach that generally praises opponents, but he took things to another level on Monday. Every Michigan fan knows that “The Game” is upon us, and in advance of the Ohio State game, Harbaugh weighed in on the Buckeyes:

“Tremendous football team. They’ve probably…not going out on a limb by saying that this is a remarkable team, and what they’ve accomplished, the rate at which they’ve won with numbing repetition. Tremendous coaching, tremendous program, tremendous player. Multiple, multiple obstacles and tasks for our football team to face this week. With that being said, we’re very excited to face them.”

Of course, Harbaugh had other statements throughout his weekly presser (as seen courtesy of above), and he got a little bit sentimental about his youth and how he perceived the rivalry even before participating in it as a player.

“Today I’m most reminded of a time when I wasn’t even here. I just read about it and heard players from the 1969 team talk about the practice, the preparation the week before the game when there was snow. Snow was falling, and it was up on the banks. They came in on Monday, and as the story goes Bo assembled the entire team on Monday morning at 8 o’clock. Called everybody down to the facility for a team meeting and gave them all shovels. They went out to the practice field and shoveled off the practice field and had banks of snow on the sidelines, so, again, I wasn’t there but today, as the snow continues to fall and we’ve got about 10 inches on the ground I’m most reminded of that atmosphere, and I wasn’t even here. Just read about it, heard about it.”

The pageantry and tradition associated with the rivalry between Michigan and Ohio State is virtually unmatched in the college football world, and Michigan’s head coach certainly realizes it. It should be a fun week as Jim Harbaugh inserts himself into the rivalry for the first time as the man in charge.

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