Mark Dantonio took exception to the implication that there was “good reason” for focus on Michigan-Ohio State

There has always been a rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State, but things went to another level in 2007 when Michigan running back Mike Hart referred to the Spartans as “little brother”. Since that moment, Michigan State coaches, players and fans have taken particular exception to the Michigan program, and under Mark Dantonio’s leadership, the football program has reveled in the attitude that comes with that type of motivation.

On Tuesday, Dantonio was asked a question about the “other” rivalry that takes place between Michigan and Ohio State, and he took particular exception to the fact that the reporter said there was “good reason” for the focus on UM-OSU. His response was on point.

Dantonio seemed to mutter a bit under his breath in addition to the actual quote of “not really”, and there was clear disdain in the way he reacted. It isn’t difficult to understand why, as Michigan State has dominated Michigan in recent years and this week’s game between the Spartans and Buckeyes takes center stage both in the Big Ten and nationally.

At any rate, there is a lot to be amused by here, and Michigan State clearly isn’t quite over the “little brother” moniker, even after eight years.

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