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285-Pound College Kicker Goes Viral After Booting Game-Winning Field Goal

Field goal kickers aren't supposed to be big. They aren't supposed to have guts hanging over their belts or legs wider than offensive linemen. Usually, they're skinny, goofy and avoid contact or tackles at all costs, unless your name is Joey Julius.

If you've never seen a 285-pound kicker, it's time to feast your eyes on the most beautiful player to ever wear a set of pads and take the field. He isn't some circus sideshow player, either. He can legitimately drill field goals and even booted a game-winner that won his college football team a conference title.

285-Pound Kicker Makes Game-Winning FG

Meet Nestor Higuera. At 5-foot-5, he's shorter than Darren Sproles. At 285 pounds, he's heavier than Aaron Donald.

Nestor is the starting kicker for Arizona Christian University, and, over the weekend, he helped the Firestorm (what a name!) win the Sooner Athletic Conference championship because of his kicking abilities.

ACU and Southwestern Assemblies of God University were tied at 20-20 when Higuera booted a 46-yard field goal to win the game and thus the conference title.

Here's what Nestor Higuera, everyone's new favorite player, looks like in all his big boy glory:

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Naturally, Nestor "The Foot" Higuera (yes, that's really his nickname) went viral on social media once word broke that a 285-pound college football kicker existed.

"I have always been a big body, I just learned to overcome it and stayed true to myself in the kicking game," he told former NFL punter Pat McAfee in an interview.

Higuera isn't half bad as ACU's kicker, either. He's hit six of nine field goal attempts this season and is a perfect 35-for-35 on PATs. Last year, he was named All-SAC First Team Special Teams after nailing 10 of 14 field goal attempts, which was an ACU program record.

Congrats to Nestor on the game-winning kick. Keep breaking barriers and proving that even heavier dudes can put 'em through the uprights. Hopefully the NFL takes notice.

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