Officials rule that Central Michigan Hail Mary play shouldn’t have happened Twitter/Screenshot

Central Michigan scored a stunning upset on No. 22 Oklahoma State on Saturday, with the Chippewas using a Hail Mary and a lateral to steal the win with no time on the clock.

Steal is indeed the key word there, as MAC officials are ruling that the play that Central Michigan scored on should have never happened.

The reason the play shouldn’t have happened is because of what happened on the previous play. Oklahoma State had the ball on 4th-and-13, where they were called for an intentional grounding penalty as time expired. Usually, penalties allow for an extra play to take place, but since intentional grounding results in a loss of down, an extra play shouldn’t have been allowed by NCAA rule.

By rule, the call on the field was wrong, but you would think that the NCAA might consider changing this rule after this game. Would you really want a team to be able to intentionally ground the ball to end the game?

However, as the Big 12 mentioned in their statement above, the game is over and the ruling cannot be reversed. Instead, Central Michigan gets its first victory over a ranked opponent since 1991, and Oklahoma State takes a big loss for the Big 12.

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