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Deion Sanders Meets Ralphie, the University of Colorado's Mascot, in Hilarious Fashion

If you follow college football to any degree, you're undoubtedly aware that Deion "Prime Time" Sanders has a new gig. A few months ago, Sanders left his job at Jackson State, an HBCU Division I second-tier NCAA program that has won consecutive Southwest Athletic Conference titles with Coach Prime at the helm. Shortly after winning the title, he announced that he'd accepted the head coaching job at Colorado. It was a big move for a program that typically doesn't swing for the fences; one that the University of Colorado hopes will help turn around a program in need of a kick start.

Deion Sanders Encounters the Majesty of Ralphie

Sanders was an elite athlete in his playing days, both on the gridiron and the baseball diamond. Never one to back down from a challenge, he lined up against some of the biggest names in the sports world. Wherever he went, he would gladly accept any challenge in front of him. From covering NFL stars like Bo Jackson and Jerry Rice as a defensive back in the NFL to donning the pinstripes of the New York Yankees, he was ready to put his best foot forward in any endeavor. He's taken that swagger with him into the coaching world. His name recognition and recruiting skills are much of what Colorado is banking on to help steer the ship in the right direction. Of course, while Coach Prime is hard at work recruiting top talent to come and join him, he's also settling into his new position in Boulder. Part of that transition recently involved getting acquainted with Ralphie, the University of Colorado mascot.

I have to say - Deion's nervous confidence is pretty impressive, especially given the fact that he's standing squarely in the line of fire when Ralphie is running full speed at his trailer. When one of Ralphie's handlers tells Sanders that Ralphie will "put the brakes on....hopefully", he takes it all in stride.

We've Seen This Before

Deion Sanders is introduced at Colorado.

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Clearly, Deion has matured as the years have passed. For proof of just how far he's come in terms of facing and overcoming fears, you need only recall when Prime Time was pranked in the late 1990s and gave us all a hearty chuckle.

Now that he's formally been introduced to Ralphie, Coach Sanders can turn his focus to the football field, where he'll hope to put his stamp on the football program as soon as he can.

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