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5 Reasons Why It's Time for Texas A&M to Start Nick Starkel

Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Kellen Mond has flashed a lot of potential this season of how good he can be. He's made some great pro-level throws and showed his ability to make plays with his legs. However, he has also showed some inconsistencies. He's made some costly mistakes with several fumbles and forced interceptions. He's been struggling with his accuracy as well while not going through his progressions. He's a good college quarterback but has come up short on expectations this year.

With the season in peril from what the Aggies envisioned for themselves this season, it's time to give sophomore quarterback Nick Starkel a chance.

Here's five reasons why it's time to give the backup a chance:

1. We Already Know What Kellen Mond Can Do

He's a dual threat quarterback that can throw it deep, and he should be the starter next season, because he's only going to be better making reads. So, it does it make sense to risk injury to him over the next few weeks.

2. Jimbo Fisher's Decision to Start Mond Would Be Justified

Kellen Mond had to play against some tough defenses like Alabama, Clemson, and Mississippi State. If Nick Starkel struggles against LSU, or even Ole Miss, or University of Alabama-Birmingham, then Jimbo's initial decision to start Mond won't be second guessed. These next three weeks could kill the quarterback controversy for good.

3. Starkel Could Spark the Aggie Wide Receivers

In a run heavy offense, with a running quarterback, the wide-receivers have been the least talked about players of the team. With Starkel's pro-style pocket presence, we will see if the receivers get more targets and make plays. With the exception of the Bowl game loss last year, Starkel hasn't looked that great.

4. Nick Starkel Gets an Open Audition

If Starkel realizes he won't be the starter going forward, and wants to transfer and play out his junior and senior year elsewhere, he can show other programs what he has to offer. He could potentially land a starting job somewhere else.

5. It's Going to Wake Up Kellen Mond

Mond hears the chatter and criticism about him that's being said on social media and possibly on campus. Surviving this scrutiny will make him stronger and hopefully motivate him to work harder to shut up his detractors.

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