Texas A&M - Auburn Preview
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Can the Aggies Make It to the College Football Playoff? If 3 Things Happen...

When the new Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher took over the football program, there were high expectations for the team to perform well in the stacked SEC Conference. Only, no one defines what performing well and having a successful season actually means. Is it doing better than Sumlin did year? Is it earning a winning record and a bowl game victory? Well, the Aggies can accomplish that and much more, as they are still in the running to make the College Football Playoffs, according a recent report on ESPN.

Now before everyone gets too excited, the consensus is that it is possible, but not likely. There are a chain of improbable events that need to occur to actually put the Aggies in the college playoffs.

1. The Aggies have to win out.

The Aggies have only two tough games left on their schedule against Mississippi State and No. 4 ranked Louisiana State University (LSU). The rest of their opponents are unranked and definitely beatable. They not only have to defeat LSU, but they need to blow them out.

2. Alabama loses twice.

LSU has to beat Alabama and Auburn has to also beat them in the Iron Bowl. If the LSU Tigers can defeat Alabama, and then they lose to Auburn, that will drop the Crimson Tide to two SEC losses. Add this to the Aggies defeating the Tigers in November, they may be able to make a case to play in the SEC championship game.

3. Texas A&M wins the SEC championship.

If things go well, the Aggies will likely face Georgia and this will be a quality match-up for them. LSU has already given them the blueprint to beat the Bulldogs.

The first option where the Aggies win out will likely never happen. It's a pipe dream. Everyone ranked in the Top 12 would have to drop a game or two in the last few weeks of the season. Teams like Clemson and Notre Dame have cake walks the rest of their seasons.

However, the third road is a little more attainable. Winning the SEC, which is arguably the toughest conference in college football is usually enough to win one of the four playoff spots. The odds are long, but not as long as the recent billion-dollar Mega-Millions lottery. It could happen. The Aggies just need to be ready.

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