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The Ultimate Gift Guide to Impress Your Favorite Crimson Tide Fanatic

From whiskey glasses to earrings and everything in between -- if you've got a Bama fan on your list, we've got you covered.

When it comes to college fan bases, the debate rages on about what school has the most die-hard fans, but none can hold a candle to those fans wearing crimson and white on game day. If you're heading to Tuscaloosa and SEC country, prepare to yell "Roll Tide" and sing "Rammer Jammer" all day long.

And they've got plenty to cheer about. Alabama is competitive in every corner of the NCAA, but their football program is the Tide's crowning jewel. Alabama football has a whopping 14 national championships to its name - the most of the Top 25 era. And they've won just under half of the last 13 national titles, making them the most dominant team in NCAA football in recent history.

Equally unmatched is how they do game day in Tuscaloosa. From tailgating on the quad to the Million Dollar Band's famed Elephant Stomp to watching the players take the historic Walk of Champions, there's nothing else quite like it.

Of course, while every fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide probably has a ton of gear to show off, there's no chance they have NEARLY enough to celebrate the oldest and largest public university in the state of Alabama. Don't expect to find any War Eagle favorites here. This holiday, ditch the gift cards and roll in with some serious Crimson Tide gear.

For the Alabama Fan Who Dreams in Crimson and White


When Crimson Tide fanatics lay down to sleep at night, what do they dream of? Probably another College Football Playoff national championship and for the Auburn Tigers to never win another game in any sport ever. Send your favorite Tide fan off to see Mr. Sandman with a Full Alabama Bed Set. This goes GREAT if you happen to know anyone attending the university right now.

Just don't tell head coach Nick Saban. I hear he's not too fond of Crimson Tide students these days...

Officially Licensed NCAA Full/Queen Comforter and 2 Sham Set - $92.54

For the Alabama Fan Who Loves a Clean Car


When it comes to your work truck, the most important thing you need are floor mats to keep that thing as clean as you can. What better way to keep that thing looking sharp than with auto accessories complete with the iconic University of Alabama symbol?

These Heavy Duty Car Mats keep that floor looking clean, plus everyone who hops a ride knows exactly where your allegiances lie.

University of Alabama Crimson Tide Vinyl Heavy Duty Car Mats - $34.09

For the Next Generation of Alabama Fans


Now, Alabama apparel comes in all shapes and sizes. Skip out on the Women's Nike T-Shirt or the Alabama Beanie Knit Hat for right now. You have to groom your youngest to see Alabama, to breathe Alabama, and to LIVE Alabama, right?

It's time to go all-in and get your toddler a Tide bodysuit while you still can. They NEED to start their collection of Alabama Crimson Tide gear, and who knows? Maybe their first words will be Roll Tide?

University of Alabama Crimson Tide Striped Baby Bodysuit - $33.99

For the Alabama Fan Who's Also a Grillmaster


Food and football go hand-in-hand, and what your biggest Crimson Tide fan grill-master needs is something to remind them that on game day, there's only one team that's responsible for flipping these burgers.

Win your family's game day tailgate with an Alabama-themed 3-Piece Grill Set complete with the coolest spatula in the entire game. You'll be the envy of everyone in Tuscaloosa with these.

Alabama Crimson Tide Spirit Series 3-Piece BBQ Set - $32.35

For the Alabama Lady in Your Life


For the special woman in your life, what better way to celebrate game day than by showing off a new pair of Crimson Tide Earrings? At less than $10 for the pair, these Alabama gifts are a best seller and one gift that they'll love busting for the entire year.

NCAA Unisex-Adult Dangle Earrings - $9.89

For the Alabama Fan Who's Good With Their Money


Now, how are you going to pay for all these great gifts? That part I can't help you with, but what I can do is get your favorite fan an Alabama Wallet Gift Set to hold all that cash. Made of genuine cowhide leather and embossed with Alabama's iconic symbol, this wallet completes any Alabama Crimson Tide apparel they'll ever wear.

NCAA Alabama Crimson Tide Embossed Leather Billfold Wallet - $27.99

For the Alabama Fan Who Loves Christmas


Of course, no holiday tree is complete without some Alabama Crimson Tide tree decorations, right? This Alabama Mascot Ornament is inexpensive, easily hangs, and will add the crimson and white spice you never knew your tree needed! It's the perfect gift for the holiday season.

Evergreen NCAA Tiki Design - $16.90

For the Alabama Fan With Lots of Baggage


Lastly, how exactly are you going to carry all of these new Crimson Tide accessories around? Northwest Company has you covered with this NCAA officially licensed Crimson Tide Duffel Bag, and this thing is really cool.

It's sturdy and comes complete with a heavy-duty shoulder strap, making it perfect for a trip to the airport or the gym.

DELUXE Alabama Crimson Tide Duffel Bag - $59.99

For the Alabama Fan Who's Never On Time


Step right into the zone where timeless style meets the unstoppable spirit of Alabama. Behold the Timex men's Crimson Tide watch - a wrist wonder born from the natural collaboration of two legends.

The 40mm resin case in sleek Black isn't just a case - it's a statement. Tough enough to face the day with scratch-resistant acrylic lens and hands that glow like stars in the night.

Timex Men's Collegiate Pride 40mm Watch - $49.95

For the Alabama Fan Who's Quick on Their Feet


Get ready to kick off the 2023 NCAA college football season in style. Nike's latest running shoe is the bomb, especially for die-hard college sports fans. It's got a jaw-dropping crimson and white color explosion that screams team spirit louder than a stadium full of cheering fans.

But hey, it's not just about the looks - it's about the feels too. These kicks bring Peg's legendary responsiveness to the table, adding a dash of extra support where your feet crave it the most: the arches and toes. It's like a high-five for your feet every time you take a step.

Nike Pegasus 40 (Custom) - $140

For the Alabama Fan Who Loves Whiskey


Get ready to knock the socks off your favorite Bama fan with this officially licensed Alabama Crimson Tide whiskey box gift set - it's not just a gift; it's a portable party. Imagine their eyes lighting up as they unwrap this stunning solid oak box, the kind of gorgeous that deserves a spotlight in the room. (Note: whiskey not included - because, you know, laws and stuff.)

PICNIC TIME NCAA Whiskey Box Gift Set - $272.64

For the Alabama Fan Who Likes Their Hot Liquids Hot and Their Cold Liquids Cold


The BPA-free reusable water bottle from Simple Modern isn't just about quenching your thirst; it's a style statement and a practical sidekick rolled into one.

Pop the lid, and you'll find a BPA-free clear lid, because who needs extra chemicals messing with your drink? They've also got two dishwasher-safe straws and a leak-proof flip lid. No more accidental spills when you're repping your team at the gym, crushing it at work, acing it in school, or just living your best life anywhere in between.

Simple Modern Collegiate Tumbler - $29.99

For the Alabama Fan Who Can't Live Without Caffeine


Just look at that mugshot. This Bama-branded coffee mug isn't just a mug; it's a daily dose of team spirit, wrapped up in crimson goodness.

But here's the real kicker - it's not your run-of-the-mill mug. No sir, this one's hand-crafted, a masterpiece made from pewter with details so immaculate they're practically fine art.

Heritage Pewter 15 oz. Coffee Mug - $39.95

For the Alabama Fan Who Loves Vintage Hats


If you've got an Alabama fan on your list who loves that old-school look, then the merch from '47  is right up their alley. They've got tons of unique designs to choose from. And if they're not a hat person, '47 also offers a wide selection of apparel you won't find anywhere else.

Alabama Crimson Tide Vintage Hitch Hat - $38

For the Alabama Fan Who Loves Board Games

No board game is better at bringing the family together over the holidays — then slowly tearing them apart — as Monopoly. And this version comes with a Bama twist. Bamaopoly features properties such as Fraternity Row, The Quad, and the Walk of Champions.

Bamaopoly Board Game - $24.99

For the Alabama Fan with a Steady Hand


Jenga is the perfect game for the rec room, dorm room, or tailgate. Anyone can play, anywhere. And with the Alabama logo and colors, Tide fans will be grinning from ear to ear even as the tower falls on their head (don't worry — the blocks are quite lightweight).

Tabletop Stackers Block Game by Wild Sports - $15.42



When it comes to the holiday season, or really any time of year for that matter, it's a time to celebrate family, friends, and most importantly of all, Alabama Crimson Tide merchandise.

Ok, maybe that order is a little skewed, but you'll be the toast of the party when your favorite Crimson Tide sports fan opens their present to see those iconic team colors staring back at them.

This post was originally published on November 28, 2018.

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