Alabama’s Ryan Kelly slaps down this super-diss on Auburn star Carl Lawson

Alabama players sure did stir the pot Monday. It’s not like the Iron Bowl needs any extra juice or hype, but Monday two Tide players decided to up the ante anyway. First you had Cyrus Jones referring to Auburn receivers as “nothing special” and then you had Alabama center Ryan Kelly lobbing this comment in the direction of arguably Auburn’s best player, Carl Lawson.

If you forgot who Carl Lawson is here is a refresher,

Nick Saban had this to say about Lawson,

“To me Carl has always been a really good player, a really good rusher. He’s got some power to go with. You can’t just take for granted that he is just going to try to run by you. I think he’s a really, really good player. I think some of the plays he makes does impact and excite some of the other plays on their defense.”

The fact that Saban went into such detail on Lawson means that Bama’s offensive line has definitely been watching film on the Auburn defensive end, so Kelly has for sure heard of him whether he wants Lawson to know it or not.
Bama players are typically very respectful and complimentary of their opponents, which is something Tide fans are rather proud of. This is the week of the year however that all of that goes out the window, this is the Iron Bowl.

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