Cam Robinson thinks O-Line is ‘getting better and better’ loves watching Henry run

Talented Alabama offensive lineman Cam Robinson is pretty happy with his O-line right about now. After struggling somewhat during the season, the Tide line capitalized on the bye week to get healthy and since have had two good games in row against LSU and MSU. The line opened up holes left and right for Derrick Henry, who rushed for over 200 yards in both contests.

“I think each week, we are playing better and better,” Robinson said of the offensive line. “As an offensive line, if one person’s not playing well or another person’s not playing well, it’s very easily shown because — as an offensive line — you have to be a unit. You have to gel together as one. If one person’s not playing well, it’s magnified. Everyone has to be playing as one for the whole offensive line to work.”

“It’s always a nice thing to see,” Robinson said of Henry breaking long runs. “It just lets us know our offense is moving in rhythm and we’re doing what we’re trying to do. It’s always fun to see big explosive plays.”

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