Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema has been in the news today after a sideline video shows what appears to be the coach acting like he was shoved by Cam Robinson in an effort to draw a flag. Bielema’s apparent ploy worked and Robinson was hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The flag would set up Arkansas with excellent field position to take the lead with their first touchdown in Alabama’s 27-14 win over the Hogs.

This is important to set the scene for this next video. Without the context of a possible flop from Bielema on the Robinson “contact” it would be hard to consider this most recent video of Bielema contacting a Bama player intentional. However keeping the Robinson incident in mind, the video of Bielema appearing to intentionally bump Kenyan Drake on the sideline sure seems much more plausible.

Two points on the contact. First, Bielema is not obliviously side stepping along the sidelines when he hits Drake, but he is facing the play and watches Drake run out of bounds. Now it’s definitely possible even while facing Drake he was distracted, however ask yourself what happens when you unexpectedly run into someone? You at least glance their way right? Bielema is completely unphased at the fact that a player in motion runs into him on the sideline. He doesn’t try and move at the last minute, he doesn’t look Drakes way, he doesn’t even acknowledge the contact, which really makes it look like Bielema knew the contact was coming.

Again at first glance this contact would seem innocent, but taking into consideration the Robinson incident it makes it seem much more likely that the Arkansas head coach was playing a mental game of intimidation on the sidelines. Somebody needs to tell Bielema he is a coach and not a player and that even players shouldn’t act this way.

Did Bielema also intentionally bump Kenyan Drake on the sideline?

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