Something you never hear about during the Nick Saban era at Alabama is a former player complaining about his time at Bama. For all the talking that is done about how tough playing for Saban is, very few players ever come out speaking poorly of their time in Tuscaloosa.

Friday former Alabama offensive lineman and current Miami Dolphin Anthony Steen made some comments about his time at Alabama that didn’t come off very positively. Steen, who has been battling injuries this season, spoke after practice about what it was like to play through injury at Alabama.

Dolphins media quickly jumped on the comment and Steen was almost as quick to attempt to clarify his intentions.

Quite honestly Steen’s attempt at explaining his comment doesn’t really address what he said. The explanation and the statement afterwards don’t line up. Steen should get the benefit from Alabama and Tide fans, but these are still very strange comments.

What do you make of Steen’s comments?

Did former Alabama lineman Anthony Steen throw the Tide under the bus? You decide. twitter/@JasonLieser

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