In a Bama-Florida title game, this ESPN analyst gives the Gators only 1 way to win

SEC Network’s Dari Nowkhah has been covering college football for ESPN for nearly ten years and knows a thing or two about the sport. Monday night at a speaking engagement Nowkhah made a few comments that will sound very good to Alabama fans regarding both Alabama’s potential matchup with Florida and Auburn’s season.

“Strange things happen in college football, we all know that,” Nowkhah said. “But we haven’t seen Treon Harris play well. If they do have a chance, it’s because their defense obviously gives it to them. Their defense is really, really good. We’re talking, it’s got to be a 13-10 type game. Harris doesn’t make mistakes and they’ve got to protect him. Alabama’s front 7, as everybody says, is as good as we’ve ever seen possibly. I would go into it thinking there’s no chance, but who thought they’d beat Ole Miss 38-10? And they did. It’s college football.”

On Auburn:

“They may have been a .500 football team all along,” Nowkhah said. “But we believed the hype about Jeremy Johnson. We believed the hype about Will Muschamp. But that’s also a team when you see them healthy on defense, you see how good they can be. So there is improvement there.”

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