Nick Saban: “We communicate well together. (Lane Kiffin) is very respectful”

Despite the perceived rocky relationship between Alabama head coach Nick Saban and offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin, the man in charge in Tuscaloosa dispelled those rumors Tuesday.

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“It’s never been bad,” Saban said. “Who ever said it was bad? Why does it need to get better? I thought something had to be bad before you needed to get better. Has it gotten better? That assumes it was bad, it was worse at one time. We’re in love, we fell out of love and now we’re back in love. I don’t get it. … We communicate well together. He’s very respectful, in terms of presenting the information I need. When I make suggestions, he always respects them. We communicate well during the game.

“It’s always been good, is the way I would put it. If I did what you all thought when I hired the guy, he wouldn’t even be here. Maybe that was the assumption, because nobody thought it was a good hire, that all of a sudden, it’s something bad.”

Saban continued, praising the coordinator for his willingness to open up the passing game and move the ball.

“I’ve been begging the offensive coordinators around here to open it up ever since I’ve been here,” Saban said. “Jimbo Fisher was the best offensive coordinator I ever had that did what I wanted to do, and everybody wants to run the ball.

“My philosophy hasn’t changed at all. I’ve always asked for this. Why don’t we throw the ball on this look, instead of running this play where we can’t block everybody, which is what we do now? It’s a pro philosophy, and Lane’s got experience as a pro coach.”

Under Kiffin, quarterback Blake Sims set a school record Saturday and has thrown for over 1,000 yards in just four games, while wide receiver Amari Cooper has nearly surpassed his total yardage from 2013-14.

They’re an odd couple for sure.


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