Ole Miss players recall ‘very bad’ sight of Drake injury

Heading into Alabama’s matchup with Ole Miss, players on both sides have spent plenty of time talking about last year’s game. Ole Miss players have been reveling in their win, hoping to gain momentum heading into another big matchup with the Tide. Alabama players have been been saying all the right things, but every now and then cracks in the armor shine through and talks of revenge creep through.

One person who would rather not relive last years matchup is Kenyan Drake. It was in this game last year that Drake suffered a gruesome ankle injury that ended his season. Tuesday Ole Miss players were asked to recall what they saw that day and their responses weren’t pretty.

“Just screaming,” defensive back Mike Hilton told “You could tell he was in pain. You could actually see his ankle was turned at a place. So it was a sight to see. It was scary, something I don’t want anyone to have to go through,” Hilton said. “In this sport, things happen and I’m happy he’s back on the field.”

“Right after the play, you didn’t really hear nothing,” Trae Elston added. “Then, probably like five seconds later, you heard the screaming. It was very bad, man,” Elston said. Very sad. I put my prayers out to him and everything.”

Ole Miss star receiver Laquon Treadwell had his own terrible injury last year and apparently he and Drake bonded over their experience.

“Once I injured myself he reached out to me, told me, ‘Keep your head up.’ We checked on each other through fall camp,” Treadwell said. “He said everything was going well. He’s making a lot of plays for them at kickoff return and running back so … it’s very nice to see someone coming back off injury.”

“It’s something that’s overwhelming,” Treadwell said. “It’s a mental process. It’s not a fraternity you want to join, but having someone else with an injury just as big as yours and being able to communicate with them gives you confidence and brings your comfort level up.”

Saturday is sure to be an emotional day for Kenyan Drake.

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