QB guru-ESPN analyst gushes over Bama frosh QB Barnett — might as well start dusting off the Heisman

Alabama true freshman has been working hard to be a part of the solution at quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide. While he may not be one of the top options this year, Barnett may very well be the future of the position for the Tide.  Barnett has been working out with renowed quarterback guru and ESPN analyst George Whitfield.

Whitfield has worked with the likes of Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, and Cam Newton, so what he says about Barnett carries some weight. Whitfield told Alabama radio station 99.1 The Game that Barnett is the best 18 year-old passer he’s ever seen.

“I understand what I’m about to say is going to pop some eyes open in the barber shop, but Blake is, by far, the best 18-year-old quarterback that I’ve ever been around … and I’ve got to put that into that context because it’s really where you are at certain stages,” Whitfield said. “I didn’t know Andrew (Luck) at 18. I didn’t know some of the rest of those kids, but he’s further along than some of the prospects we’ve worked with when they came out of college, just physically and skill set-wise and things of that sort.”

He continued:

“One, he’s so well-rounded. I think he’s going to be successful there in that system with coach (Lane) Kiffin. He would have been very successful up there with coach (Mark) Helfrich in Oregon. He could be extremely successful in coach (David) Shaw’s system at Stanford. Those are three different vehicles, now, to go and try to fly, and very few guys could kind of pick it up, take their skill set, sit down in the cockpit and fly all three different aircraft. This kid can do it.”

With the opener against Wisconsin right around the corner Alabama is running out of time.  The Tide need to find their quarterback and right now it’s anybodies job to win.

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