You wont believe the former foul-mouthed rapper Nick Saban was hanging with

Talk about a motley crew.

The only thing funnier than the idea of Nick Saban hanging out with former foul-mouthed rapper Luther Campbell is Saban telling him that he listens to 2 Live Crew’s music. Seriously.

Steve Godfrey of SBNation writes that the two met at a football summer camp that Campbell took several Miami high school prospects to. And when Saban approached him, it wasn’t to talk football, it was to talk music.

“It was strange that Nick Saban knows who I am,” Campbell told Godfrey. “He walks up and he’s like, ‘Heeeey man! What’s up? Come up to the office.’ So we get up there and he’s like, ‘I listen to your music!’ I’m sitting there looking at him like…what? So you know I’m a s–t talker so I start in. I told him, ‘Look Nick, if you and me gonna be hanging out, you can’t be wearing those tight a– shorts you got on. If we ever gonna break off and hang out, you can’t go like that!'”

Funny stuff. Stranger than fiction, no doubt.

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