Your eyes aren’t playing tricks, Alabama is experimenting with no-huddle play cards

Alabama is one of the most tradition rich schools in the country. Alabama is about history and tradition almost to a fault sometimes. The uniforms don’t change (and shouldn’t), the style of play has largely been the same since the days of Bear Bryant and the Alabama faithful like it that way. One thing that makes Nick Saban work so well at Alabama is that he shares that mindset, he embraces the tradition instead of trying to change it.

Well 2015 may be a banner year for trying new things for Alabama football. There have been rumors about a new alternate uniform, the coaching staff has hinted at even more no-huddle offense, and now the Tide are experimenting with playcards to communicate the plays when going no-huddle. You know, these things:

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 6.21.58 PM

Saban told the media that they felt last season they were struggling to communicate when in the no-huddle and during the offseason Bama’s coaches reached out to coaches from other schools to see what worked for them.

“We felt like last year we were kind of learning how to be a no-huddle team on the run because of the personnel we had,” Saban said. “We thought it was best suited for Blake (Sims), and we’ve talked about that many times before, but we didn’t go in with the idea that we were going to be a no-huddle team.

“So we visited a lot of people during the offseason to try and come up with the best system – Kansas, Washington, a lot of people that go no-huddle ― It’s just a methodology of how some people get formations and plays in the game.”

So far the players think the signs are a great idea.

Kenyon Drake-

“It makes everything go a lot smoother,” he said. “You can kind of just look at the picture card and it gives you the formation or whatever, it’s pretty seamless. It helps you not look at more than one thing at a time, so you can just get the play call and the signal of the plays called in, and you can go without really stopping.”

O.J. Howard-

“It’s just different things that mean something to the offense,” tight endO.J Howard said. “If you get any sign, we have to learn them. They switch up every game this season, so we have to learn them really fast.”

So don’t let anyone tell you that Nick Saban and Alabama aren’t willing to be non-traditional. As for the fans, if a sign makes Bama better then bring on all the signs necessary.

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