Mississippi State AD sends letter reminding fans of cowbell etiquette

Cowbells being rung in the stadium is a long-running Mississippi State tradition, and this weekend, some Auburn fans have planned to fight clanga with clanga by bringing their own cowbells. While cowbells are allowed in the stadium and to be rung at certain times there are rules in place.

Mississippi State’s AD sent a letter to MSU fans asking them to remember cowbell etiquette — when and when not to ring them. For Auburn fans planning on bringing cowbells this week, it will be important to follow the guidelines as well.

One of the not-so-cool parts of last Saturday was the 25 or so percent of fans who continue to ignore the rules on cowbell etiquette. This totally perplexes me. Dak Prescott doesn’t need fans ringing when they shouldn’t to make a dazzling play for our State. Bernardrick McKinney doesn’t need fans ringing when they shouldn’t in order to deliver a crushing tackle.

Why anyone who professes love for this university would ring their cowbell when they’ve been told not to do so is beyond me. It’s selfish and disrespectful, two things Mississippi State does NOT represent. When you ring at times not allowed, you are telling Mark Keenum, Dan Mullen, myself and thousands of Bulldogs who have worked hard to legitimize this great tradition at our games that you don’t appreciate their efforts, and that you’re willing to risk having cowbells removed from Davis Wade Stadium altogether in the future.

A vast majority of our fans follow the rules governing artificial noisemakers (which says they can be rung except when the center is over the football). To those of you who do so, thanks. If you see someone disregarding the rules, do me a favor and ask them to stop. If we continue having this issue, security will be deployed to either remove offending cowbells, or the individuals who are ringing irresponsibly, from the stadium.

If you’re planning on bringing a cowbell into Davis Wade Stadium, remember to ring them only after plays and prior to the center getting over the ball.

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