Naval aviator pens touching letter to Jeff Driskel

Gators fans around the country have been extremely critical of Jeff Driskel. Myself included. We all couldn’t wait until he was benched.

On Veterans Day, where all service men and women should be thanked for what they have done for this country, one naval aviator thanked Jeff Driskel for his service at the University of Florida. Here’s what he wrote:


(h/t @OurTwoBits)

This letter puts things in perspective. I hope other fans think about what all of the nasty, personal things they have directed toward Driskel throughout his tenure at UF. Yes, he hasn’t been a great quarterback, but he has always conducted himself with the utmost class and has had respect for his coaches and teammates.

He may not be a NFL caliber QB, but he is a very respectable University of Florida student. He has always represented my university to the highest standards. That’s what matters most to me.

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