Texas QB takes a shot at Florida’s offense and how they used Jeff Driskel

To be fair to Jeff Driskel, Will Muschamp never ran the offense suited for the former five-star recruit. Driskel also had to learn three different offensive schemes under new offensive coordinators as Charlie Weis, Brent Pease and Kurt Roper all saw time at Florida during Driskel’s tenure.

He wasn’t given any consistency with the playbook. Driskel was recruited to run the spread offense under Urban Meyer. But once Meyer bolted, he didn’t have the chance to run the offense he was familiar with. He was mainly a pro-style QB under Muschamp, which Driskel isn’t fit to run. That offensive strategy ultimately led to the demise of Driskel and Will Muschamp.

With Jeff Driskel transferring to Louisiana Tech, the quarterback will finally be involved in an offense that he was recruited for — the spread. Louisiana Tech head coach Skip Holtz’s son, Trey, a backup QB at Texas sent his congratulations to Driskel and took a bit of a shot at the Florida coaching staff.

I’m in full agreement with Trey. You alter your offense to fit the quarterback’s strengths. Not once did Muschamp alter his offensive philosophy.

Now that he finally gets to run the offense he succeeded in at Hagerty High School, I’m interested to see how Driskel does. It surely wouldn’t be shocking to see him have success like other Gators QB transfers (Tyler Murphy, Jacoby Brissett).

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