Did the refs miss a clear hold on the Florida Hail Mary against Tennessee?

Did they miss this one?

Tennessee fans will have a lot to say about this one.

Florida beat the Volunteers after a miraculous Hail Mary throw by Gators freshman Feleipe Franks. However, some fans aren't happy with the refs after the play, as they may have missed a hold by Florida offensive lineman Jawaan Taylor.

The potential hold helped clear space for Franks, who was able to evade the pass rush and get free to make the 60-plus yard throw down the field to Tyrie Cleveland.

Of course, there are two things with this call that usually crop up: one being that there is almost always a call like this that is missed by refs when replay is used to review the play in full. The second may be more important, though: did Taylor hold on long enough, or did he let go just in time for the refs to deem in a legal play?

Tennessee fans may be asking themselves that question for the rest of the season, while Florida fans will happily point to the scoreboard as they move to 1-1 on the year.