Will Muschamp asking SEC for clarification on late hit against Kelvin Taylor

If this hit isn’t actually a late hit, then I have no idea what is anymore. Kelvin Taylor was down for a good two seconds and Kentucky defender Reggie Meant led with his head trying to injure Taylor while he was on the ground.

It was a blatant targeting penalty that was missed. If the refs had caught it, Meant would have been ejected for targeting. I am still not sure how the refs missed such an easy call against the ball carrier. Here’s the play:

(h/t Thomas Goldkamp)

On Muschamp’s Gator Hotline show, the coach confirmed that he did send the tape to league office. Muschamp didn’t dive into details of what he told the SEC officiating office.

Even if he can’t give details on what the league office said, deep down we know that it was dirty play that should have been flagged. But in the end, the Gators beat the Wildcats anyway.

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