Georgia must stick to the running game in order to beat Kentcuky

The offense needs to revolve around Nick Chubb. Kentucky enters the game with an awful rush defense. The Wildcats currently rank 92nd in the nation in that category. Nick Chubb had another good game against Florida, but Georgia abandoned the running game. At halftime, Chubb had 17 carries and 108 yards. He finished the game with 21 carries and 156 yards. That’s unacceptable. The score was 14-7 at halftime, so it’s not like the game was out of hand at that point. Stcik with Chubb and let him get more touches.

Get off to a fast start and play with fire. Kentucky has a lot to play for in this game. The Wildcats, after starting 5-1, are in danger of missing out on a bowl game appearance. They must feel like this is a winnable game after watching the Florida film. Georgia can’t get behind and have to rely on Hutson Mason to win the game. Defensively, I expect the front seven to play much better against the Wildcats. Georgia is no longer going to overlook any opponent. Kentucky’s offense isn’t anything spectacular, but Florida’s offense was abysmal and it embarrassed the Bulldogs. Georgia needs to play with the utmost intensity on defense. It’s a necessity or else we may see another loss.

Stop Kentucky on third down. This is where the Dawgs need to capitalize on Kentucky’s inability to convert third downs. The Wildcats rank 102nd in the nation in third down conversions. This is where Georgia’s defense causes the most havoc. The Bulldogs are 19th in the country in third down defense, only allowing teams to convert 33 percent of all opportunities. Florida converted 50 percent of its third down opportunities and was one of the key factors in the win. Stop Kentucky and end drives early will be a huge key to victory.

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Georgia and Kentucky kick off Saturday at noon. You’ll be able to watch the game on ESPN.

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