Dillon Bell #86 celebrates his touchdown with Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint #1 and Daijun Edwards #30 of the Georgia Bulldogs during a game between Samford Bulldogs and Georgia Bulldogs
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Georgia's Schedule is a Cake Walk to the CFP, But Will it Come Back to Bite Them?

The Georgia Bulldogs are a foe no team wants to face anytime soon.

Looking at the defending national champion's schedule moving forward, it'll be no shocker if they return to the College Football Playoffs. 

However with a schedule this easy, this season could either be a walk in the park that won't prepare them for opponents they'd face in the playoffs or a series of upsets that could knock them out of contention. 

When David Becomes Goliath in Athens

Chandler Smith #0 of the Samford Bulldogs is wrapped up by Nazir Stackhouse #78 of the Georgia Bulldogs

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The Bulldogs have showed no mercy against any of their three opponents so far. The offense has outscored Oregon, Samford and South Carolina by a staggering 130-10. It's no secret these teams are nowhere near as talented as Georgia, so the results were no surprise.

The interesting thing is that it seems like the Bulldogs aren't even getting anything out of these games. Now every coach who's ever lived will say that these teams "test" them, but statistics don't lie. Georgia steamrolled over these teams easily and it doesn't do much good for them in the long run.

Despite holding three opponents to only ten points overall, the defense is ranked last in the SEC in tackles. With only 112 total takedowns, it just proves that defense is barely having to work at all to contain its opponents so far. The lack of challenge is just going to bite Georgia in the long run as the players just aren't getting experience against more difficult opponents. 

The Dawg Days of Autumn

Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Nolan Smith (4) and Georgia Bulldogs linebacker Smael Mondon Jr. (2) tackle South Carolina Gamecocks quarterback Spencer Rattler (7) during a football game

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Moving forward, the team's schedule doesn't get much harder. 

Georgia's next opponent is Kent State on Sept. 24 and it goes without saying that this is most likely going to be a blowout in favor of the Bulldogs. The Golden Flashes are only averaging a mere 28.67 points per game and allowing 29.33 points. With a negative point differential, Kent State's only hope of defeating Georgia is either completely revoluntizing the offense in a week or the Bulldogs basically letting them win. 

Moving on into SEC play, the first three matchups shouldn't cause much of a problem for the Bulldogs. Missouri, Auburn and Vanderbilt aren't currently ranked and haven't done much this season so far. However, one thing to take note of is that Vanderbilt currently leads the SEC in tackles. This could mean that the Commodores are no stranger to being physical and could be just the thing the team needs to defeat its No. 1 opponent. 

The Florida Gators will be the first ranked opponent the Bulldogs face this season, but that won't even happen until Oct. 29. A lot could change by then, so who knows if they'll even still be ranked. The next week feature another possible ranked opponent with the Tennessee Volunteers heading into Athens, Ga. As I said earlier, anything could happen by the time that game comes around so they might not even be ranked. 

Looking at the last three weeks of the regular season, there still seems to be little to no competition. Only one out of the three opponents are ranked as of now and that's Kentucky. The other two teams, Mississippi State and Georgia Tech, aren't exactly well-equipped to face off with a team like the Bulldogs. 

All in all, Georgia could easily go undefeated and make its way back into the playoffs. However, with teams like these, anything could happen throughout the season and like Texas A&M showed No. 1 Alabama last year, no one is safe. 

Endless Possibilities for Smart's Squad and a Weak Schedule

Stetson Bennett #13 of the Georgia Bulldogs warms up prior to the game against the Samford Bulldogs

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This weak schedule could be the team's Achilles heel if and when they move into the playoff. 

While other contenders like Alabama, Ohio State and Michigan will be tested throughout the season, Georgia won't really face off against any real threat. With that being said, this season could go one of two ways.

The first is the best case scenario, where they trample over everyone and carry that momentum into the postseason. Coming off an undefeated season is a confidence boost for anyone, and it could very well be what the team needs to repeat another national championship season. On the other hand, going undefeated against relatively easy teams won't give the team the experience it needs to face off against other powerhouses. 

That brings up scenario number two. Let's say the Bulldogs do go undefeated and make it into the playoffs without a sweat. Their first opponent could be Ohio State, who would have already faced off against teams like Michigan and Penn State. OSU's experience against great programs would give the Buckeyes a sense of familiarity as they take on Georgia and could give them a boost. Meanwhile, this would be one of the few opportunities for the Bulldogs to prove themselves against a strong opponent outside of the SEC Championship Game.

Now there's one more possibility, too. With underestimated teams, there is always the storyline that fans and the media crave: an upset. If Georgia lets its guard down for even a second, one of the teams it'll go against could use that and grab an unexpected win. This would brutally hurt the chances of the playoff appearance if that happens. However, this could be very unlikely against the Bulldogs. 

Overall, this schedule is weak. Nobody coming to Athens or hosting the Bulldogs will be favored. Now the question remains: Will Georgia use this weak schedule to its advantage or is the lack of challenge going to crush them once the playoffs begin?

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