People outside of the SEC hold a lot of contempt for the teams and fan bases that get to root for the likes of Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and all the other SEC schools. They’re probably jealous and just wish they had as many championships as the greatest conference in college football.

Well, when you google the fan bases, you might find some unpleasant things. For example, if you go to a Google search and type in “Florida fans” you might get a rather funny autofill.

Floirida fans jorts

There’s an entire list for every school in the conference, but you’ll find the most common theme is that they are “the worst.” A couple deviated from the path though, especially Ole Miss and people who were confused about putting the fins up.

Ole Miss fans fins up

And despite Missouri already winning the SEC East twice in three years of membership, they still want to know how to survive the conference.

Mizzou fans

And most SEC teams will tell you this, but Google confirmed that Alabama is the worst.

Alabama the worst

Those are only some of the highlights, you can see the full list here.

Google users do not think highly of SEC fan bases
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