Here’s why LSU’s recent losses won’t affect its recruiting

The last two weeks have been brutal for No. 9 LSU, losing two straight games by a combined 61-30 score. While it certainly won’t help recruiting, the Tigers’ (7-2, 4-2 SEC) recent struggles won’t affect its recruiting, according to The Advocate’s Hunter Paniagua.

After LSU’s most recent loss, a group of Tigers fans approached recruit Emmitt Gordon to convince him to take their team’s poor performance with a grain of salt, Paniagua writes:

They wanted to make sure the uncommitted, four-star defensive lineman didn’t judge LSU based on Saturday’s performance. They, like many LSU fans, worried the Tigers’ poor form would have an adverse effect on recruiting. Gooden eased their concerns.

“I know LSU is going to come back,” Gooden told them. “They’re still going to make some noise.”

Gooden was one of about two dozen LSU recruits in Tiger Stadium this past weekend. Most of them shared a similar feeling about the state of the program. Individual losses, even a string of them, don’t mean much to recruits evaluating schools.

Relationships, proximity, facilities and early playing time all mean more than results.

While Les Miles would prefer to win, it has to be somewhat reassuring that the Tigers’ recent bump in the road won’t hurt his team’s recruiting efforts. LSU will try to avoid a three-game losing streak Saturday when they play Ole Miss at 3:30 p.m. EST on CBS.

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