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LSU WR Claims Police Tried to Unzip Pants, Pulled Guns on Him

LSU Tigers wide receiver Koy Moore detailed a scary situation he alleged took place between he and Baton Rouge police on Saturday night after LSU's blowout loss to Auburn.

In what was an emotional post to both Twitter and Instagram, the freshman player said he was violated by police officers who tried to "unzip my pants" and "pull guns on me assuming I had a gun and drugs."

The incident, which head coach Ed Orgeron has addressed, has garnered the attention of current school athletes and former players like ESPN's Marcus Spears.

LSU WR Koy Moore Police Incident

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Moore claimed police harassed and racially profiled him on Saturday night in Baton Rouge. He also said that when he attempted to film the incident on his phone, it was taken from him.

Here's his full account of what took place:

"Last night I was approached by policeman they pulled guns on me assuming I had a gun and drugs, (screaming where's your gun?) I was violated numerous times even as going as far as trying to unzip my pants in search of a weapon that I repeatedly told them I did not have . As I tried to go live for video documentation of the harassment they snatched my phone I could've lost my life and I know for a fact nothing would've happened to the guys who did it.. as some celebrate the election of a new president understand the real problem have not changedIf I didn't tell those incompetent officers that I was a LSU football player there's is no telling if I would've been here to tell the story! Yesterday wasn't a victory for America it was only a distraction."

Moore was a four-star recruit coming out of Archbishop Rummel High School in Metairie, Louisiana. The freshman from Kenner, La., has tallied eight receptions for 70 receiving yards in five games during the 2020 season plagued by the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 outbreak.

Baton Rouge police chief Murphy Paul released a statement afterward, saying he conducted an investigation. Three officers had been placed on administrative leave while that investigation is ongoing.

"We appreciate Mr. Moore bringing this incident to our attention," BRPD Chief Paul said. "As in every case, we will be collecting all available evidence and conducting interviews. Accountability and transparency are critical in building trust with the community. I pledge a thorough investigation into this complaint."

This incident comes on the heels of a tumultuous time in America this year. George Floyd's wrongful death (as well as many others like Breonna Taylor's) sparked protests across the country and Black Lives Matter became one of the biggest movement in United States history.

Ed Orgeron Statement

Many SEC coaches, like Ed Orgeron and Alabama's Nick Saban, have been vocal about being part of the solution. LSU coach Ed Orgeron weighed in on his receiver's situation by posting his own statement:

"While I cannot comment on the investigation, what I can say is that we must work collectively to embrace our differences. We have to listen, learn and come together to combat social injustice and racism if we are to create a safer and more equitable society for all people," he wrote on social media.

Current and Former Players Weigh In


Orgeron wasn't the only LSU figure to comment on the incident. Current and former players responded with messages.

Former LSU player and ESPN personality Marcus Spears asked on Instagram, "How can I help?" Wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase said he's experienced the same thing before. New Orleans Saints safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson asked, "WHEN IS IT GONE STOP!!!"

We can wait for the details to come from the Baton Rouge police department's investigation, of course, but Moore's account should be taken seriously. That he felt like his life was in danger despite being in the presence of officers who are supposed to protect citizens is harrowing.

This weekend in college football was crazy. Notre Dame upsetting Clemson with Trevor Lawrence on the sidelines, Florida taking down Georgia and Ohio State pummeling Rutgers all were major headlines. However, we can't overlook what matters, and Koy Moore's account needs to be talked about.

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