LSU athletic department’s handling of Les Miles is shameful, says SEC Network analyst

Speculation has run rampant in recent days about Les Miles’ future with No. 15 LSU. Many expected an announcement during the coach’s weekly press conference on Monday regarding Miles’ fate but that announcement never came.

The Tigers’ athletic department has been mum on Miles’ status and SEC analyst Paul Finebaum said sending Miles out to speak without addressing the elephant in the room is “shameful,” according to’s Sonny Shipp.

“What’s remarkable is the administration at LSU allowed him to speak today,” said Finebaum. “If they don’t want him to be the head coach, fire him, buy him out. But don’t do no comment if you’re Joe Alleva and then send the head coach out there having to fend for yourself.

“I think it’s shameful the way the LSU athletic department has handled this. If you don’t like the coach, that’s okay. But, I really feel sorry for Les Miles, whether you agree or disagree on whether he should remain as the LSU head football coach.”

Alleva has stated he won’t comment on Miles’ status until after Saturday’s regular season finale against Texas A&M. It appears the media circus surrounding Miles’ future at LSU will unfortunately go on for at least another week.

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