LSU is finding gem after gem when recruiting this position in Australia

Australia isn’t exactly known as a recruiting hotbed in the realm of college football but Les Miles has found success recruiting one position in particular Down Under, according to a report by USA Today.

Miles’ wife Kathy started the coach on the path of recruiting punters from Australia in 2009, when she discovered Brad Wing at a Baton Rouge-area high school football game:

The Tigers have added two more punters from Down Under since Miles’ wife, Kathy, discovered then-exchange student Brad Wing at a Baton Rouge-area high school football game in 2009. And Miles contends the Aussie influence is changing the way college coaches approach special teams, because they have for him.

“What I’ve always liked about them is they play Australian football, where their passing is their punt,” Miles said, referring to drop-kicks — often made on the run and under duress — which serve as passes in the Australian game.

The Tigers’ current punter Jaimie Keehn said recruiting punters from Australia is becoming a trend around the country after LSU’s success. He might be right considering the last two Ray Guy awards have gone to Australians, as Memphis’ Tom Hornsey received the award in 2013 and Utah’s Tom Hackett won it last year.

“I think the Aussie fad has kind of caught on now as other schools have seen the success Aussies have had,” Keehn said. “The results are there.”

As Keehn said the results speak for themselves and if they continue to, there’s no reason Les Miles shouldn’t enjoy some time in Australia every year or two.

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