Syracuse DC: ‘Better bring your big boy pads’ against Fournette and LSU OL

Syracuse’s coaching staff is racking its collective brain trying to figure out how they’ll attempt to contain Leonard Fournette and match up with a Tigers offensive line that is as intimidating, as it is physically dominant.

The Orange’s (3-0, 1-0 ACC) defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough and head coach Scott Shafer are tasked with shutting down a running back that is bigger than each of Syracuse’s starting linebackers. The coaching tandem said they are well aware of the “big boy” effort it will take to do so, according to’s Stephen Bailey.

Bailey writes that Syracuse’s linebackers are being prepared for “collisions in the hole” and “a heavier dose of contact,” for when Fournette and company come to town Saturday. Syracuse defensive line coach Tim Daoust said LSU’s offensive line is the best it’s been in years and Bullough agrees.

“You better bring your big-boy pads,” Bullough said.

No. 8 LSU’s combination of versatility and power are concerns for Shafer, who said the Tigers’ ability to run in both power and spread formations makes them almost impossible to defend.

“Some of those spread formations are probably the most concerning to me because when people just load up and that’s all they do, it’s a little bit easier to defend them,” Shafer said according to Bailey. “But when they can spread you out and have the type of speed and the type of cast around Fournette, that’s as concerning as anything.”

LSU (2-0, 2-0 SEC) ran for 411 yards against Auburn last week and while the Tigers will likely look to punish a secondary that has allowed 803 yards passing it its last two games, Les Miles won’t get away from arguably the nation’s best player in Fournette and its dominant rushing attack. We’ll just have to see how well Syracuse’s preparations pan out against that potent attack this weekend.

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