Carolina QB Nunez takes to Twitter to explain what his coach didn’t about Citadel absence

Lorenzo Nunez is defending himself after interim coach Shawn Elliott said that the freshman quarterback took himself out of the rotation just prior to kickoff against The Citadel.

Nunez explained in a Tweet Sunday that he still hadn’t completely recovered from an injury he suffered against Missouri Oct. 3.

Elliott, however, said he was surprised when Nunez elected not to play.

“We thought he was well enough to dress this past weekend,” Elliott said. “He didn’t feel like he was well enough to get out there on the field Saturday.”

Elliott also appeared frustrated that packages were specifically designed for Nunez.

“He was in our plans yesterday,” Elliott said. “I don’t see how much sense there is in making packages for someone you don’t know who’s going to play. It probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense at this point.”

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