Kevin Sumlin previews Arkansas and the challenges of defending the Razorbacks’ offense

Kevin Sumlin hosted his weekly press conference on Tuesday, which you can watch above. Sumlin spent a good chunk of his press conference detailing the challenges of Arkansas’ offense, which leads the nation in rushing.

Sumlin went as far as to say that he felt Arkansas should be ranked in the Top 25 with how they’ve started the season, and complimented them multiple times on being a much improved team compared to last season.

As for the injury report, Sumlin was as brief as usual. When asked about WR Speedy Noil’s status, he simply said “we’ll see.” As for TE Cameron Clear, he rebuffed the notion that Clear suffered any injury against SMU despite Clear spending the second half in street clothes.

The rest of his press conference he discussed some of the surprising contributors like WR’s Boone Niederhofer and Jeremy Tabuyo, the challenges of playing in the SEC West and more.

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