The Rose Bowl will likely never host a College Football Playoff title game

The list of potential host sites for the College Football Playoff title game continues to shrink, and the latest host city to pull plans on a bid for the game is one of the cities we would have thought to be favored to get one of the games.

The Rose Bowl will not be bidding on the 2018-2020 title games, joining New York/New Jersey and Orlando as potential host sites to announce they will not be bidding in the last two weeks.

Not only will the Rose Bowl not be bidding on this next round of title games, but according to ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, the Rose Bowl does not fit the requirements for bidding on the championship game and will likely never host it.

The Rose Bowl, “the granddaddy of them all,” is the most iconic setting of all the bowl games, so it seems insane that it will never host another national championship game — at least as long as the current structure is in place. The Rose Bowl will remain one of the rotating sites for the national semifinal games, but does not fit the bid requirements laid out by the College Football Playoff.

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