Crazy Coach Attacks His Own Player in Disturbing Video
Screenshot from Twitter: Offensive Line Performance

Football coaches are often known for various forms of tough love. At the best of the profession, coaches can help to positively mold young minds with messages of hard work, dedication and resiliency. At the other end of the spectrum, though, that “tough love” can escalate into inappropriate and disrupting behavior.

Unfortunately, a video of such behavior has surfaced. Former NFL lineman and offensive line consultant LeCharles Bentley provided images of a coach attacking a player in the confines of a practice setting.

Football Coach Attacks Player

While the identities of the coach and player are not publicly known, Bentley later let the world know that he is aware of the specifics and the questions that arise from the video.

To put it plainly, this is a disturbing video that showcases actions from a coach that are never acceptable. Actual demonstrations can be useful, but, for a coach to physically blast a player in this fashion, leaps to the level of ridiculousness and that is clear to all parties involved.

Perhaps this particular coach will be outed in the near future but, even if that does not happen, hopefully this will escalate the issue to the general consciousness and provide evidence of what coaches should not do moving forward.

This post was originally published on November 22, 2017. It’s a constant reminder that the player-coach relationship should never be disrespected like this.


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