Watch Central Michigan players go nuts finding out they’re in the Bahamas Bowl and not in Detroit

Central Michigan finished the year 7-5 in the MAC, and like so many teams they waited anxiously yesterday to find out which bowl they would be in. They watched a video that opened with the six possible bowl options for the Chippewas and eventually it was down to two.

Detroit or the Bahamas.

The team’s reaction (the top left corner of the above video) is priceless when they count down and reveal that they’ll be in the Bahamas on December 24 instead of Detroit.

I can’t blame them for wanting to be in the Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl. First, it’s the Bahamas not Michigan, so they actually get to, you know, have a real trip instead of riding a bus to Detroit. Second, POPEYE’S. I have to assume they’re going to get free Popeye’s on this trip. I’d pretty much go anywhere if I was offered free Popeye’s, so going to the Bahamas is just a cherry on top.

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