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Son Hits Mom With Line Drive in Hilarious Viral Video

As a parent, there's nothing like helping your kid practice. It's a part of the job description.

Bringing out the old glove and tossing the ball around automatically puts you in the running for world's No. 1 parent. In fact, the society of parents is required to send you a mug when your child makes his or her first catch.

Playing catch is one thing, pitching batting practice is another.

One mother learned the difference in a hilarious TikTok video.

Son Crushes Line Drive Off Mom


Don’t worry guys she’s okay 😂 #fypシ #baseball #softball #HappyHolidays

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University of St. Thomas baseball player and Pearland, Texas native Jacob Carriere did what all athletes do when they want to work on their game: he filmed it on social media so he could dissect his technique later.

Jacob needed a pitcher, so he recruited his mom for the job. Like any good mom would, she jumped at the chance to serve up some BP.

Who knows, maybe this duo could appear in the MLB Home Run Derby some day?

The trending video shows Mrs. Carriere winding up flawlessly. She delivers a pitch right down the middle. Jacob smashes a line drive right back at his mom. And I mean smashes it.

"Why'd you do that?" she exclaims.

Jacob laughed hysterically.

I feel for Jacob's mom, I really do, but what do you expect when you serve meat over the heart of the plate? Maybe try to work the corners next time.

Luckily, it was a soft ball and no one was injured.

"Don't worry guys she's okay," he wrote in the viral video's caption.

I have to give credit where credit is due. Jacob's mom is the MVP of this video. Not only did she help her son improve his hitting skills, she took a line drive to the torso and walked it off like a champ.

If I were her, I would invest in a protective net or encourage him to play MLB The Show whenever he has free time. At least then he'll be smoking line drives off virtual pitchers.

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