Cooperative tower defense game Dungeon Defenders II will be coming out of early access on June 20th for Xbox One, PC, and PS4, according to an official announcement from the developer’s YouTube media channel. Take a look:

For those unfamiliar – Dungeon Defenders II is an objective-based game that focuses on defending large crystals from swarms of enemies. Players can place a variety of towers that will aid the defense, either with offensive attacks, negative debuffs, or defensive bonuses to the player themselves. Each character has its own unique towers and abilities, and while there are initially only four to play, others can be unlocked through in-game microtransactions.

Of course, the big appeal is the cooperative play. Players in Dungeon Defenders II can invite friends or join up with strangers to fight the hordes together, combining everyone’s abilities in an experience that is both chaotic and uniquely dynamic.

The game has actually already been available on Steam for free for quite a while now, albeit in a buggy, unfinished form. Yet, while the first Dungeon Defenders was rated positively by reviewers for its enjoyable cooperative elements and addictive gameplay, it seems the sequel has taken a turn for the worse.

Many players have left negative reviews on the game’s store page in recent months, citing poor balance changes and an abundance of microtransactions that have left much of Dungeon Defenders II’s content locked behind paywalls. Other complaints ranged from an unwillingness to grind for an excessive period of time in order to access new content to an overall dissatisfaction with the current game mechanics.

Still, it’s entirely possible that by the time Dungeon Defenders II has officially released, most of these complaints will have been addressed by the developers. Those uncertain can find plenty of gameplay either on or over YouTube, where entertainers have made a living showcasing games like this one.

Dungeon Defenders II is finally coming out of early access Dungeon Defenders/YouTube
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