Running for your life with a serial killer hot on your heels isn’t what most would consider a good time, but for fans of Friday the 13th: The Game, it’s just the gaming experience they were looking for. Unfortunately, the game was plagued by numerous issues on its launch date due to a higher-than-expected strain on the servers, and many were unable to enjoy Friday the 13th until a day or two after its release.

As an apology for these issues, the developers over at Gun Media have announced a batch of free content for owners of the game.

According to the above Tweet, Gun Media will be providing bonus content in the form of “cool free s***.” Included are two new outfits for each playable character, 13,000 customization points, and a weekend of double XP that will run from June 23-25.

Jason will also be receiving a new, retro appearance coupled with a Chiptune Track by Mitch Murder.

The team released this statement on their official Facebook page:

“Apologies from our team are in order for this wait and our thanks for the patience that we’ve been granted from our fans. It’s a long, tough road for issues such as this, but you guys are heard and we are working as fast as possible to improve your experience. We are thankful that so many of you find the game to be very fun when you play, that’s always our goal, so we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that every single person is getting to enjoy that experience.”

Friday the 13th receives double XP and bonus content as an apology for server issues Friday13thGame/Twitter
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