Hollow Knight’s free expansion “The Grimm Troupe” now has a release date

Back in September it was revealed that the second expansion for the immensely popular indie title Hollow Knight would be dropping sometime this October. The DLC, which would arrive completely free for owners of the game, would introduce new enemies and allies, as well as a new selection of bosses to challenge, items to unlock, and – most importantly for some – new music tracks by the talented Christopher Larkin. Today, midway through the expected release month, we’ve finally received news on a launch date.

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The Grimm Troupe will arrive exactly one week from today on October 26, according to a recent post on Team Cherry’s blog. Players can expect the expansion to arrive free via Steam and GOG, while those who purchased the game through the Humble Bundle will have access to an update on their account page.


Hollow Knight originally rose to fame thanks in part to its endearing art style and responsive, challenging combat, though the real appeal (at least for me) came from the game’s music. The beautiful, orchestral soundtrack does an excellent job at providing a somber backdrop for the haunting setting. Larkin’s work perfectly captures the mood of every scene, whether it be of a lonely trek through the abandoned caverns of the subterranean Hollownest or of an intense, perilous battle with a dangerous adversary.

This latest expansion, meanwhile, will only add to Hollow Knight’s appeal with the introduction of the new Nightmare Lantern questline, which of course comes with its own epic boss fights and enemies. The player won’t be alone, however; arriving with The Grimm Troupe will also be a collection of new allies, each with their own bizarre personalities and advice (and loot!).

If you haven’t already seen the trailer for The Grimm Troupe, it’s well worth a look. Otherwise, expect Hollow Knight’s second expansion to arrive free around this time next week. For more information, check out Team Cherry’s website, or follow the team over Twitter @TeamCherryGames.


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