Nintendo’s latest console arrived earlier this year to massive critical acclaim, to the point that the only thing keeping customers from buying the Switch was its lack of availability. Once that problem faded, however, owners did begin bringing up some legitimate criticism. The console’s small storage space, for example, would eventually require users to purchase third-party microSD storage components if they wanted to play certain games, while the lack of any real streaming apps came as a similar disappointment to fans eager to enjoy their favorite shows through the Switch’s famous portability.

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It’s this second issue in particular that is beginning to be addressed. According to a blog post from Hulu Vice President of Product Richard Irving, the company’s streaming service is arriving on the Nintendo Switch “beginning later today.” Hulu subscribers will soon be able to download and access their account via the console, which can then stream “all of their favorite TV whether they’re at home or on the go.”

Hulu marks the first major streaming service for the Nintendo Switch – at least, in the United States. Though not anywhere near as popular as YouTube or Netflix, the Japanese video-sharing website Niconico was originally the first app to arrive on the Switch (in Japan, anyway).

The arrival of Hulu to the Switch does bode well for future streaming apps. Now that Nintendo has opened its doors, Switch users can likely expect the arrival of Netflix and YouTube in the future, as well as any number of other services.

Hulu becomes the first streaming app on the Nintendo Switch
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