Season 4 of Ubisoft’s competitive hack-and-slash fighting game For Honor begins soon, and with it a number of new features are arriving. The update, titled “Order & Havoc,” will introduce two new playable heroes: the Aramusha, a new type of Samurai, and the Shaman, a Viking assassin. Also included is the previously-detailed Tribute mode, in which two teams of four players each contest to deliver the most offerings to their team’s shrine. Check out the below trailer for more information on the upcoming update:

The first hero, the Aramusha, is characterized by his capability to execute fast attacks only to immediately recoil into a similarly quick defense. The Aramusha duel-wields two katanas and wears medium armor, with which he can perform quick, measured movements against his opponents.

The Shaman, meanwhile, represents the “Havoc” of the Order & Havoc update through her predatory, animalistic animations and abilities. According to the full post on Ubisoft’s website, the Shaman carries a hatcher and dagger in each hand and gains strength by inflicting open wounds on her enemies. As her opponents bleed, the Shaman gains Blood Trance – a buff that grants her increased health per strike – and Predator’s Mercy – a momentary window through which she can leap onto her targets for a brutal attack.

Together, the two new heroes bring the total playable selections for each faction up to six, with the Aramusha joining the Samurai and the Shaman aligning herself among the other Vikings.


The aforementioned Tribute mode also launches with Season 4 as a new, 4v4 match in which players compete to offer up the most tributes to different shrines. Each shrine also offers a buff to the team that successfully secures and delivers a tribute; the Vindicator provides a hefty boost to attack, while the Guardian creates a regenerating shield around players. The Oracle, meanwhile, increases the team’s awareness by alerting them to the positions of their enemies on the map.

Tribute mode already went through testing on For Honor’s PTR in late September, during which players reported an enjoyable (if moderately buggy) game mode. The developers also released a trailer for it during this time:

The two new heroes become available on November 14 for Season Pass ($39.99) holders and launch in full on November 21, when they’ll be accessible for the in-game currency at 15,000 Steel. Currently Steel can be earned by playing For Honor or bought at 11,000 for $9.99 or 25,000 for $19.99, meaning that players who want both will either be in for quite the grind – or be expected to fork over $30.

Those who haven’t had an opportunity to try out For Honor will have the chance soon; Ubisoft has announced a free weekend beginning on Thursday, November 9 and concluding on Sunday, November 12. For more information on any of these developments, feel free to follow the development team over Twitter @ForHonorGame.

New heroes coming to For Honor in Season 4’s “Order & Havoc” update
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