It’s no secret that Blizzard’s competitive FPS Overwatch pretty much dominated the gaming scene for some time after its release. The title passed the 30 million player milestone just over a month ago and has frequently made headlines for its constant content updates, which have included numerous maps, heroes, and game modes for the immensely popular shooter.

Even as the initially-overshadowed Battleborn attempted to re-enter the spotlight by announcing the launch of its free trial version, Overwatch stole the show once again. In a post made on the studio’s official website, Blizzard revealed this Tuesday that the game would be entering a double XP weekend from June 8-12.

“It’s been an incredible year, and we’re so thankful you were a part of it. To celebrate our first Overwatch Anniversary together—and the community that made it all possible (that’s you!)—all players who log in this weekend on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One will receive double experience.”

There’s actually little gain to ranking up in Overwatch. Players are gifted a loot crate with every rank that can be opened to reveal four random rewards from the game’s immense item pool. They are also granted progressively fancier portrait frames for their player icon which is, again, nothing too significant. That said, gamers value loot more than anything, which means we’ll likely be seeing a major increase in Overwatch’s player count come this weekend.

According to the blog post, players will be able to earn XP through “nearly all sources.” This will include:

  • Time spent in a match
  • Completing a match
  • Completing consecutive matches
  • Winning a match
  • Backfilling a match in progress
  • Earning medals

The double XP event will launch on Thursday at 5 PM PDT and end on Monday at 11:59 p.m. PDT. For those who still haven’t obtained their desired legendary skins from the anniversary event, now’s your chance!

Overwatch enters a double XP weekend as competitors attempt to steal the spotlight
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