Ubisoft recently launched its latest patch for tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege in an update that briefly took the servers down for its implementation this past Wednesday.

The patch notes include a lengthy list of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks designed to resolve a number of slight issues. Among these was a change to Glaz’s scope, which had previously been resulting in odd blood effects that impeded visual accuracy. This has been fixed, and players should now be able to actually see while firing – a must-have for any FPS, really.

Also listed was an increase to Montagne’s LFP586 hip fire spread, which the developers decided was a little too accurate, resulting in a powerfully unbalanced weapon. The gun should now be slightly less effective, bringing Montagne back in line with Siege’s other classes.

The notes go on to mention the resolution of issues related to Hibana’s weapon, the X-KAIROS, which had been experiencing a bug resulting in delayed detonations, and to Echo’s YOKAI drone. The device should now properly apply disorientation effects when hitting all parts of an enemy’s body, rather than just their head.

For a full list of the game’s patch notes, check out Ubisoft’s official forum post. Future news can be found on Rainbow Six: Siege’s Twitter.

Rainbow Six: Siege update rolls out variety of class tweaks and bug fixes
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