When Darkest Dungeon first launched at the start of 2016, it was hailed as a uniquely masochistic experience for its incredibly challenging gameplay, which prevented the vast majority of players from making much progress. According to the game’s Steam page, only 1.8% of players ever completed Darkest Dungeon at all, and only a mere .3% could beat the game on its hardest difficulty.

Despite the challenge, Darkest Dungeon climbed its way to fame as YouTube and Twitch personalities alike embraced the frustrating experience for the sake of entertaining its viewers, spreading awareness of the game and raising its popularity steadily over time. As a result of Darkest Dungeon’s popularity, Red Hook Studios proceeded to develop an expansion for the game that launched earlier today. Check out the trailer for The Crimson Court below:

According to the description on the Steam store page, The Crimson Court can be played “alongside an existing campaign, or a brand new one,” and will not require a full restart of the player’s progress. Also available is a list of features, which includes:

  • The Flagellant, a new hero class that can
  • New enemy types to contend with, including 5 new bosses
  • An entirely new region, “The Courtyard”
  • 10 additional buildings that can be used to upgrade the player’s Hamlet
  • New, lore-driven trinkets available for all heroes
  • A new affliction, “The Crimson Curse,” to drive characters mad

The Crimson Court is available for PlayStation 4, Linux, Mac, and PC through Steam, GoG, the Humble Bundle, and Twitch for $9.99. The expansion is also set to release for the PSN, though the developers have only promised “the following month” as a launch date. Feel free to visit the game’s website for more information, or follow the developers on Twitter to receive immediate updates about Darkest Dungeon.

Red Hook Studios launches first expansion for Darkest Dungeon
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