Small update for CS:GO leaves community servers offline


An update for competitive FPS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launched just yesterday with a number of small, quality of life improvements to the game alongside compatibility changes for Chinese Perfect World servers.

The most major change will be that the inclusion of the ability to now invite players who you've recently played with. This means that you will no longer have to add someone to your Steam Friends List just to send them an invite.

Also included was an audio fix related to headshot feedback. Basically, players who managed to shoot their target in the head would hear a small noise that alerted to them to the impact, giving their senses a secondary notification and allowing them to move on. Previously, everyone would hear the noise, which was found to be distracting and kind of jarring during intense gameplay. This has been fixed.

Unfortunately with this update has come a number of issues related to Counter-Strike servers, which have suddenly started crashing. Community mod servers in particular are having a tough time of it, with reports coming in that they cannot startup without immediately going offline.


For updates about a possible fix for this issue and for future news in general, follow Valve's official Twitter account for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.