Starbound has long been known as one of the more ambitious titles in the 2D survival/crafting genre. With an infinite space sandbox to navigate, numerous races to play as each with their own unique armor and spaceships, and the ability to land on and explore any number of distinct extraterrestrial environments, there’s certainly not a lack of things to do.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the developers from routinely introducing new content. In an announcement made over their official YouTube channel, Chucklefish Games has revealed the latest update for the studio’s prize sci-fi game.

According to the above trailer, the Spacefarer’s Update has completely revamped major aspects of the game while simultaneously introducing a number of new features, including pilotable mechanized vehicles and various new environments for the player to explore.

A blog post on the developer’s website explains their reasoning regarding one of Starbound’s biggest updates yet, stating that, “Our goal was to give players more things to do in space! Starbound has always focused heavily on traveling from planet to planet, but objectively space is just much cooler than any planet.”

While the arrival of customizable mechs is undoubtedly the most exciting development, the new vehicles have come paired with dangerous settings to explore. Zero-g environments, made considerably safer now when equipped with mechs, have become more numerous. Starbound will now frequently feature derelict space stations and alien ships to board, as well as random space anomalies. Those who lean towards the more building-centric style of gameplay will also be pleased, as the new space stations aren’t just something you encounter – players can make their own, as well.

For more information about the Spacefarer’s Update or about Starbound in general, check out the game’s Twitter account, or pay the developers a visit on the studio’s official website.

Starbound introduces mechs, space stations, and more in new Spacefarer’s update Chucklefish/YouTube
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